Although pearl engagement rings are not the distinctive or traditional choice, they are a lovely and classic choice for that special someone who wants a unique and timeless ring.

There are numerous factors you should consider when choosing a pearl.
  • Because pearls are absorbent, they can soak up other substances. If you perceive a large blemish, ask the jeweler if it can be buffed away.
  • Do look for cracks in the surface of the pearl, which could designate problems in the future.
  • Do look for good, uniform gleam in a pearl. The pearl should show iridescent under a fluorescent light.
  • Do ask about dispensation treatments, such as beeswax. Beeswax is sometimes added during pearl cleaning and can influence the luster.
  • Do ask the jeweler about the depth of the nacre.
  • Do execute the tooth test on a pearl to decide if it is real. Cultured and normal pearls will feel rough against a tooth, while imitation pearls will feel smooth because it is in fact a type of manufactured bead.
  • If you think you are purchasing a natural pearl, ask to see the x-ray results for confirmation. A cultured pearl will show the bead or other simulated irritant in the center.
  • Pearls are generally sought after gems, with their smooth contours and luxurious polish, and black pearl engagement rings may be the rarest variety of all.
Also called Tahitian pearls, these dusky gems are amongst the rarest type of pearl in the world. To grow a single black specimen can take up to two years, and the dark bloom only comes from a precise type of black-lipped oyster, pinctada margaratifara. These oysters recurrently reject the initial irritant needed to form the pearl, making them even harder to develop and subsequently much rarer. At the same time, they are the second major type of oyster in the world, and black pearls are often larger than white pearls – often reaching 10-17 millimeters in diameter.

The preponderance of the world’s dark pearls is found in the coral atolls near Tahiti, and only inadequate success has been had transplanting oysters elsewhere for cultivation. The Tahitian government has urbanized regulations on diving and disturbing the oyster beds to guard the species from overharvesting, regulating the supply and ensuring their uniqueness.

Like traditional white pearl engagement rings, black variants can be set into a dazzling array of designs. The most popular option is to choose white gold or platinum to provide the most excellent contrast to the dark pearl. Adding small accent diamonds around the pearl is another way to highlight the richness of the unusual color. Another preferred choice is to have the simplest setting possible, which elegantly enhances the rarity and plainness of the gem. Black pearls are also habitually set in pairs with a contrasting white pearl, creating a yin-yang engagement ring design that symbolizes the two individuals coming mutually as a united couple.

With a sleek, contemporary look that emphasizes uniqueness and individualism as well as sophistication; black pearl engagement rings are a timeless treasure and an elegant choice for astonishing jewelry. Available in a range of luxurious hues and color overtones, these smooth gems make amazing engagement rings that highlight the rarity of the couple’s love with the rarity of a superb gem.

Many brides wear pearls on their wedding day, and a pearl ring is a stylish nod to that tradition as well as a unique choice for an engagement ring. Whether cultured or natural, simple or enhanced, a pearl engagement ring is a simple and graceful symbol of a couple’s enduring love.
What do you think makes the Celtic engagement ring so popular these days? It is of course the design of the ring that offers a typical blend of history, tradition and symbolism. The Celtic engagement ring also has the power to remain as a cutting edge trend for many years. So for couples looking for a truly personal, unique engagement ring, a Celtic engagement ring would be the perfect choice.

The knot work is considered as the signature of the Celtic engagement ring. As the rings are very popular designers are trying different types of knots in the ring and they use different names when referring to the Celtic knots. Lover’s knot or eternity knot is some of the common terms used to refer to the ring knots by the designers. As you see, there are interwoven strands of the knot and that is what symbolizes the entwined lives of the married couples. The single endless Celtic knot represents eternity in the relationship. The circular shape of the engagement ring or wedding ring is symbolic of a couple’s never ending love and commitment to each other. Now you must have had a clear understanding why people are going behind the Celtic rings these days.

If you have plans in your mind to go for the Celtic ring, an Irish engagement ring or a claddagh ring, you would surely prefer the antique ones. Such rings can be easily located at estate sales or through the antique dealers. There are many online jewelers that offer the unique engagement rings for the couples. It is easy to locate such jewelers than the conventional jewelry shops. However you would surely want to inspect the Celtic engagement ring for possible defects or damage. Hence it is important to make a thorough research on any company or dealer from which you are buying the ring for the occasion to cross check their reputation and honesty.

There are some couples who would like to move away from the normal conventional style and try something new. And if you prefer a modern version of the Celtic engagement rings there are many innovative designs being offered by the top jewelry designers. Usually most of the couples would go for a customized ring that includes their personal specifications. Some of the designs include a series of knots around the ring as a symbol of their relationship and to the people in their lives. Couples can approach a jewelry designer to work this idea into a less typical engagement ring that would be entirely their design. Many online jewelers offer customized rings for creative couples.

So if you wish to present your fiancée with an engagement ring that symbolize your eternal love, you can hardly go wrong with the Celtic rings. The rings would be brimming over with the love you share with her and also it would appear both traditional and modern at the same time. Never hesitate to express your terrific taste in choosing a unique ring and impress your beloved.


A diamond truly is a unique gemstone. Novori sells only natural, certified loose diamonds that meet strict quality standards. They even reject diamonds that other online dealers may sell because they want you to be absolutely sure that you have a quality gemstone with impeccable quality. They never sell enhanced diamonds, only natural stones. That is how they are able to ensure your total satisfaction and provide a no hassle, 30 day exchange policy with all Novori loose diamonds.

They can help you find the right diamond that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment for your life partner. 
If you wish to have an elegant engagement ring that would look classic as well as expensive, you must surely go for platinum engagement ring. It is purely a personal choice to pick platinum over another metal while you are considering the styles of engagement rings. The idea of purchasing such a valuable and rare metal is quite charming but expense is something that holds back couples from buying the platinum engagement rings. Yet another factor that dissuaded people is the fact that many times it is quite difficult to find the difference between platinum and white gold or sterling silver rings. Hence the high prize been paid for the platinum gets unnoticed.

Basically platinum is a metal thirty five times rarer than gold which makes it so expensive, usually about twice the cost. It appears as a silvery-white luminescent metal and the scarcity makes the metal most sought after. When gold is found in many locations including United States, Australia and Brazil, most of the platinum is mined in Russia and South Africa.

During engagement ring shopping, the most important thing to consider would be the lifestyle of bride to be. The metals of the ring play a vital role in determining the lifespan of it. For many brides, it would be a great option to go for platinum engagement ring. The metal is usually used in a complete pure form and is very and dense which makes it very strong. Platinum is a metal which is hypoallergenic and   will not cause skin irritations while all other metals cannot be assured of these things as they are not used in their untainted form.

The main advantage of platinum over other metals is that it will not lose the color or tarnish due to its clarity .It is quite white in color and since used in pure form, the color remains for the lifetime. Even though the cost factor is something that holds back the couples, it is not discouraging them as such. Since platinum is very rare it makes the price of the setting to be double the cost of a similar ring made of white gold. However it is the rarity of the metal that makes it precious.
What does silver remind you about? No, it is not only the elegant tableware and anniversaries. Your 25th wedding anniversary would surely be a reason to celebrate and it can be cherished by presenting a silver ring. But silver would also make a perfect choice as your engagement ring metal. It is an excellent way to kick start your marriage out right with a silver engagement ring.  Silver colored engagement rings can be beautifully crafted from silver, white gold or platinum.  You would be offered many choices and your imagination can play well in designing the perfect engagement ring.

The best part of silver is that anything design that you have seen in gold can be crafted in silver. This can range from traditional settings to the most modern and contemporary.  The design and style is entirely your choice and everything depends on what exactly you are looking for.  Considering the production stand point, the type of the metal will have an effect on the appearance, durability, creation and of course the price of the final product. You must understand which ever precious metal used in jewelry are not used in their pure forms. For example gold used in the rings is a combination of gold, silver and copper each in varying degrees.  Carat of gold means the amount of gold actually used in the

Think about considerably cheap engagement rings and silver is the best available option as it is affordable as well as attractive. Couples who have a big budget would go for platinum engagement rings.
It seems the Victorian engagement rings are suddenly in demand. And you may be wondering what makes the style so popular and why you should go for this ring? The Victorian engagement rings are beautiful and timeless piece of classic and they have always found a place among other ring styles. Exquisite features like large center stones which are sometimes colored, beautiful intricate details in design and etchings on the inside of the ring often mark the splendid style of Victorian rings.   All these typical features convey the bride with a quick romantic message.

These days the Victorian engagements rings are so popular that when couples are planning to shop for it, there would be many options on where to find them. If you want to grab a true Victorian ring, you have to rummage the antique shops, estate sells and various auctions as they were most popular during the 1900s. Giving this traditional ring has yet another advantage as it would be passed down through the generations thus you would have a nice heirloom.

It is of course possible to purchase a brand new Victorian engagement or wedding ring from the jewelers. The rings which are slowly coming back into popularity have a different style though. You don’t have to worry even if you are someone interested in brand names. Many famous and reputed brands are offering Victorian rings and making it a huge hit these days. This style of diamond engagement ring allows you to give a token of your love which is special and unique. This is the right choice if you are seeking something unique and special.

If you think that a single would not please your fiancée, never give second thoughts to pick a ring with sidestones. The illuminating effects of a diamond solitaire multiplied with sparkling sidestones would surely impress your bride-to-be. They are the perfect choice if you want some added brilliance in the solitaire style ring. Sidestones rings have become a truly glamorous choice for engagement rings as they are available in many attractive designs. The sidestones are considered to be diamond paved path, leading to the central diamond that is raised above the rest in a prong setting.

The best part of the sidestones in a diamond ring is that they brilliantly compliment the center diamond. The smaller rings would be running on the side of the ring and they are usually seen as engagement rings, wedding bands and even for other special occasions. Sometimes the center diamond would be flanked by two or more decorative stones. The sidestones enhance the size of the center diamond thereby making a true statement. At Novori Jewelry, there is a large collection of rings with sidestones which would make sure that something will be there that everyone loves.

Some people find the solitaire engagement ring as too plain or too laid back. They would be seeking something more interesting and appealing. For such innovative couples, the sidestone rings would be a welcome choice. These brilliantly crafted rings are generally popular at the online jewelers where you can pick your choice and even get a customized ring. Person receiving the ring would be astonished and would surely adorn the ring’s brilliance especially if it is multi stoned.

Rings with sidestones at Novori Jewelry would be available in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold, palladium and also platinum. Customers would be enthralled to see our widest range of selection which would be in varying prices range. In that way, the ring would fall smoothly within your budget. We offer multi tone rings like palladium and yellow gold dual metal setting that would look novel and elegant. Even though the most popular rings with sidestones have diamond at the centre, other gemstones are also used for giving a different appeal or appearance. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies and other precious stones form an excellent combination with sidestones. Even the gemstones are also used as centre stones for a difference. There is a wonderfully crafted combination of diamond and sapphire setting ring offered at Novori jewelry. Our rings are guaranteed to create the special feel for that special day.